Meeting Jeremy Renner - MelancholyStreet/OutcomeYProject

This is the story of how I made one of my huge dreams come true.

Jeremy arrived to Mexico, my country, on Tuesday, I already knew he was coming for Hansel and Gretel’s premiere since that Saturday. Since that day I entered into a few contests, with help of my dad, to get the chance to meet him.

But well, I lost. And that was probably the moment I wanted  to just die because I really try hard to get all those chances and seeing my dreams fall over and over, well it hurts.

My dad, after all, took me to the premiere on a famous mall called Antara hopping to get me cheered up. So we arrived like an hour before and looked for a cool place to stay near the red carpet. We watched around wondering from where could he arrived but failed. 

So I was just standing there, a person in front of me and then the carpet. Oh by the way, I got a small cute poster.

Few “mexican celebrities” walked there and I got some signs for my sister, then I heard screaming, LOUD screaming. 

I stood in my tiptoes to look and the only thing I saw was someone’s short hair. I almost fainted in the moment I realized it was him. Jeremy Renner was walking in the red carpet and coming into my direction! So he signed some things (he was not allowed to take any pics) and then when he was right in front of me: 

"Dear!" I shouted and extended my diary shyly. Yes I asked him to sign my dark thoughts. 

He looked into my direction. I swear I haven’t seen any eyes like those, they were perfect. “Hi!” Jeremy said before taking my notebook. 

"How are you?" I couldn’t stop smiling. He was talking with me and my English was not failing me.

"Fine and you?"

"I’m fine thanks!" In that moment he had already finished signing my diary.

"Aren’t you a bit squeezed back there?" He asked after chuckling. Jeremy handed me my notebook by then and started to sign another poster. 

"Well just a bit." Well no, I was dying in there but oh well.

"Just stretch your elbows, it will work." Basically he told me to elbow anyone that would try to squeeze me. I got an advice from him. 

"I will thank you!" And then someone arrived and asked him to continue walking. I was speechless and started crying and shouting against my dad’s chest. That was probably one of the most magic moments I ever experienced. My dad got me another autograph so I basically have to but can’t give one away, sorry.

That was basically all. I waited outside the cinema hopping to see him after the movie ended but security found another way to take him out.